Art of Week

January 19, 2010

This is the first post but once a week will be 3 featured artist or [math (so and or)]  show i.e. musicals, plays, concerts,… These post will feature a bit about the artist or the art, a little from them, and Why I chose them


Monster Moe

This is a local artist. he is a student at UNL. He is an art major with an emphasis in Graphic design? His online nickname is MonsterMoe44. He has a deviant art page and a you tube page. I chose him as the more traditional artist of the week because I have seen his work in person and worked along side him. I know that he is a good up and coming artist and that he will go far.

His Wok:


The Truth

Hey Everyone! We are a band by the name of The Truth. We are an up and coming band in the Metro Atlanta area. We love to make good music and are content on sharing it with the world. Our family consists of five very unique gentlemen from all over the East Coast.

A quote from there website above.

The band consist of Sean Northover – GUITARIST / VOCALIST, Carey Durham – VIOLINIST / VOCALS, Quantarius Leavell – BASSIST, Lloyd Phipps – LYRICIST, and Ashton Gibbs – DRUMMER.

One of those bands that you should listen to. They have a unique sound. I choose this band because I went to high school with Sean Northover. He got me started in my own music. He taught me how to play guitar and we played musicin da quad all the time. I had a good time growing with him for the few years that we spent in each others company.

Their work:

The Truth


Avenue Q

Avenue Q is like sesame street meets the real world. If you have followed internet popular culture has heard the song “The Internet is for Porn” This is the play that created that show

The show is explicitly an homage to the PBS children’s television program Sesame Street. Both Marx and puppet designer/original cast member Rick Lyon have worked for Sesame Street, as have the other puppeteers in the original cast. Unlike Sesame Street, Avenue Q openly addresses adult topics such as racism, pornography, and homosexuality; in fact, because of its adult language and content and “full puppet nudity” (including puppet sex), the show specifically disclaims any connection to either Sesame Workshop (formerly known as the Children’s Television Workshop) or The Jim Henson Company. In an interview with Britain‘s The Times, addressing the question of potential conflicts with Henson, Marx claimed, “During early previews in the States we invited Jim Henson‘s widow and children and they could see that what we were doing was an homage and love letter to ‘Sesame Street.’”[5]

The characters who are not puppets relate to the puppets, rather than to the actors holding them. The puppets also speak directly to each other and never to the actors operating them. During the course of the show, a puppet character may be operated by more than one of the actor-operators, although the same actor creates the voice for a particular puppet even if he or she is not holding the puppet at the time. The puppeteers wear nondescript black/gray clothing while the puppets and the three human characters (Brian, Christmas Eve and Gary Coleman) are dressed in bright colors.

I chose this lpay because I have always wanted to see it in person and got the chance to see it last semester when it came to the Leid Center


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