Artist of the week

February 1, 2010

This is gonna be about the biggest art things of 2009 kinda

General 09

This is a rapper is known as Skillz. He makes a rap every year wrappin up the latest year. he goes off and says everything that went on. In this he talks about Kanye losing and all the deaths of the year. This rap up was not as interesting as some of the others, but it still gives u a jist of the bigest things

Gaming of 09

CNN did a really good job of wrapping up the best games of 09. It has it separated into sections i.e.; Shooter, Action/Adventure, Platformer,  Music, Sports, Role playing, Strategy,  and Racing. The list was most likely based on sales and online play. This is the first time I have seen a list separated by genres. In first for all list was Uncharted 2: Among thieves, so it was no surprise in seeing it one the top of their action adventure list. Here is da full list

MULTI-ART? of 09

I chose theme for da multi art because not only did they make one of the most fun songs to dance to “Jerk” but they also put together a simple dance “Jerkin” and they made a small empire off of it. Now you will go to the club and you will hear their songs and you will see people “Jerkin” doing “Da Reject” and “Dippin” all dances by them. They are like the 09 Soulja boy


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